mikme pocket pro kit: 2x pockets

mikme pocket pro kit: 2x pockets

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Shipping update: Our production lines are opening up again so we have reassessed our delivery schedule. We currently estimate to start shipping in July 2020. 

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mikme pocket 

The mikme pocket, a failsafe wireless audio recorder captures professional audio wirelessly with your smartphone or camera.

mikme pocket can be connected to lavalier/clip-on microphones, handheld microphones or line-out signals like mixers or instruments.

Videos captured with the mikme App are synced automatically with the audio wirelessly recorded from one or multiple mikme pockets.

What is mikme pocket?

Mikme Pocket – How does it sound?


What's in the box?

  • 2x mikme pocket (16GB)
  • 2x mikme professional clip-on microphone (extended frequency range and sensitivity)

mikme pocket

  • 16 GB built-in audio recorder for up to 360 hours of recordings
  • Wirelessly syncs audio with iPhone video
  • 24 Bit/44.1, 48 or 96 kHz studio-grade audio quality
  • Records in m4a and wav file
  • USB connector for transferring files to a Mac or PC computer
  • Works standalone without mikme app
  • 3.5 hours of continuous recording
  • Analog output for headphones and DSLR inputs
  • 3/8” in and ¼” thread for microphone stands and camera tripods

mikme app

Basic Features: 

  • Audio & Video Sync
    Wirelessly transmit audio to your smartphone without any receiver needed
    Failsafe without dropouts due to internal on-device backup
    Automatically sync audio and video from your smartphone
    Record video in portrait and landscape
  • Editing and Export
    Mix each audio track separately (volume & panorama)
    Trim your audio length
    Publish or export your audio/video files
  • Remote control
    Wirelessly start & stop recordings
    Monitor audio levels & adjust the gain
    Listen into audio tracks from your phone
    Works with multiple Pockets

Professional Features:

  • Multimode: Video Sync 2+ pockets
    Automatically sync 2 or more mikme pockets (or mikme microphones) with the video from your smartphone camera
  • Pro Video Settings
    Record videos in up to 4k resolution
    in up to 60fps (resolution and fps can be set individually)
    Set & lock manual focus and aperture points
    Zoom manually, activate flashlight