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What is Mikme?

It's crazily good isn't it!
I think it has so much potential.

Nick Garnett (BBC News)

Mikme solves one of our biggest pains.
 Finally we can shoot videos with the smartphone
 and get great sound at the same time.

Andreas Gall (Chief Innovation Officer, Red Bull Media House)

Mikme's clever wireless microphone is turning into a better tool for amateurs and professionals alike.

Devindra Hardawar –

"The secret to great video is audio!"


"It became a part of my everyday use"

The rest of us - 160k follower on YouTube

About Mikme

Mikme is designed in Austria and produced in Europe. Our team are engineers, musicians and designers from around the world.

On average, we have 15 years of experience designing, engineering and marketing audio products. In sum, our team holds 80+ patents and has won 40+ design awards.

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